WAW@ 2014



One year ago we started to make new forms for all laminated parts of the WAW. The last forms to be renewed were for the cockpit, cover and race hood. All these changes resulted in a new version which we name “WAW@2014”. The already excellent performances of the WAW in driving stability, aerodynamics, look and accessibility were maintained or even slightly improved.

Main changes compared to previous versions are:

-very high quality of body surface thanks to professional forms, moulds and use of gel-coat

-correction of imperfections in form and symmetry, better fitting of parts

-completely reviewed entry hole, cover and race hood resulting in better ergonomics, water management, aerodynamics and look

-increased aerodynamics of bottom part

-the chain lies in an U-shaped tunnel which allows the seat to be lowered till the bottom for tall drivers. The tunnel stiffens the body bottom

-a strong bridge between the left and right front wheel mud guard rigidifies the front and protects all suspension and steering rods

-all reinforcements are laminated separately in a specific form which results in a nicer and standardized product

-redesign of most specific metal parts, lighter and stiffer

-a completely new integrated electrical system offers better visibility and safety

Recent pictures are posted on our gallery and will be added progressively. Main distributors soon have a WAW@2014 in their shop where you can see and test the beauty live.