Our Vision

Less polluting cars in favour of soft transportation. Katanga contributes to this by creating clean, lightweight vehicles, purely human powered or with electric assist.

Our activities

Our main activity is the production of the WAW velomobile. We build and sell all WAW`s since January 2012 and supply it with the help of local distributors or directly if no active distributor is present.

We work in partnership with a limited number of other velomobile and bicycle producers and participate in production and assembly of their bikes. Examples are the Armadillo of Velove and more recently the Pony4 bikes.

Katanga works also in partnership with a network of specialized production companies. This allows to reach much higher quality standards than if all parts would be produced in-house.

Our R&D efforts are directed towards a continuous improvement of the WAW and towards the creation of innovating, special cycles which enlarge our offer.


Katanga focuses on B2B. We supply our products and services preferably to local distributors and special bicycle producers.

You can find our distributors in the Distributors' section. In case you don't find a distributor in your country and would like to become our partner, don't hesitate to contact us.

Our strengths

Passion for velomobiles

Creating velomobiles is our passion and you can see it in the product quality.

Background in engineering

We have strong background in engineering and company management.

Great location

We are based in Czech republic, which is a great strategic location.


We speak French, English, Czech, Dutch and German.

Our history

Founded in 2011, Katanga has first been intermediating in the production of parts for some special bicycle brands. This activity has steadily grown and cumulated with the frame build and (partly) assembly of the Swedish 4-wheel cargo cycle Armadillo of Velove.

Plans to create and build a complete new velomobile were postponed at the end of 2011, when the rights of the WAW were purchased from the Belgian company Fietser.be. Since then production of the WAW moved to Czech Republic, the product was redesigned and the production capacity increased. Today the WAW is with a total cumulated production of 500 pieces, a mature and very popular velomobile sold all over the world.

End of 2019 the Czech company PonyFour s.r.o. was created on initiative of Flevó International, Velomo and Katanga with the goal to produce and commercialize the PONY4, a fully suspended, comfortable and lightweight 4-wheel cycle. This cycle has a big potential and Katanga is in charge of production.

Starting from a one-man company working from home, Katanga moved in 2016 to a modern building in Brno-Líšeň and is today animated by a team of 7 enthusiastic professionals.